- - Dr.Raoul Contreras, associate professor of Minority Studies at IUN said, " Electro-Funk isn't just music to these guys. Electro-Funk is a part of urban culture. It is the voice of the oppressed, a social political movement. Minority Studies' primary focus is to present the views and ideals of minority people," Contreras explained, "And Norph represents a voice of the urban culture. The reason why we brought Norph to the campus is because they inform as well as entertain." ......Indiana University Northwest...........

- - SYNTH-ETHICS with DJ TENOX AND DJ A/B S transform Editkut featuring special guest DJ WES

Welcome to the Original B-Boy Electro Phunk Vibe in Chicago, SYNTH-ETHICS. At this long overdue DJ set, Electro Specialists TENOX & DJ A/B S (both of Norph Productions) and DJ WES, a South Side favorite, will provide a unique atmosphere of music with three live DJ mix sets from their respective vinyl collections. TENOX and DJ A/B S will provide an educated glimpse into the world of Electro Phunk.........Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL , Sept, 2000- -

Clubs and Venues where Norph performed

UBM - Fri. May 5, 1995 - Graffiti Art Exhibition - beats, open -Mic, B-Boys Steady Rockin - in honor of "Cinco de Mayo" East Chicago Harbor, IN

UBM - Sept 21, 1996, "Culture Shock" all day event: 10:00 am - 5:00pm - indoor Art Exhibition and Vendors, outdoor graffiti peicing session ----7:00 pm - 1:00am - HipHop Renegades, beats, rhymes, and body rocking hosted with performances by Norph - East Chicago Harbor, IN

Indiana University Northwest - Sept, 21, 2000 - Culture Shock - HipHop Exposed - Organized by "NORPH," a production crew consisting of Tenox and Editkut, creating an interactive atmosphere where artists and intellectuals are one and the same. a campus conference/performance - Gary, IN

Empty Bottle - Sept, 24, 2000 - Synth-Ethics - Tenox and Editkut of Norph, featuring Wes, Provided the original b-boy electro phunk vibe in Chicago, an educational experience of the sound before and beyond hiphop, ELECTRO! - Chicago, IL

Art Exhibition & Reception - Truth - July 27,2001 - Norph mixologists, Tenox and Editkut providng the best sounds of electro put on wax. La Bodega show - a stored perspective on the graffiti art movement - artists: Traz, Flex, Ish, Cartoon, Buster, Rooster, Oms-One - Chicago,IL

Indiana University Northwest - October 27, 2001 - Electro Shock Therapy v.1.0 - "East Chicago Based crew, Norph, presents a multimedia event that combines the different cultural forms associated with hiphop, audio visuals, and a exhibit of work by Puppet, Threat and Stedy Serv. Savannah Auditorium - Gary, IN"

Indiana University Northwest - March 21, 2002 - Electro Shock Therapy v.2.0 - "Norph, masters of "Electro-Shock Therapy," along with MC Stedy Serv and B-Boys: Puppet and Threat, recently performed at Indiana University Northwest. Norph, in its third performance on campus, came with their "Full Media Presentation" on the deep history of electro/rap and its social, cultural, and political roots." - Gary, IN

Indiana University Northwest - Nov. 14, 2003, Anti-War Multimedia presentation by Norph and Stedy Serv, the opening session for a lecture provided by Dr. Raoul Conteras, the professor of Latino Studies at Indiana University Northwest and political activist, Contreras described the movement and its anti-war segment.

The Note - 1565 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL, May 26, 2003 Stedy Serv featuring - Norph - produced by Norph, show design by Stedy Serv and Norph, written by Stedy Serv and EditKut, scratching by Tenox for Norph Productions, "a complete 1 hour showing of the best rap skills", editkut...

Many Voices One Vision - Westin Hotel, Indianapolis, IN, July 30, 2003, sponsored by the Indiana Coalition of Court Alcohol & Drug Services and the Indiana Association of Prevention Professionals. Youth Cultivation: The Arts as a vehicle for Education and Development uses the idea of art movements to assist in positive youth evolvement. This full-media presentation focuses on the educational aspects of youth movements versus youth movements becoming commercial trends for profit. - Live performance, digital video and audio, and information related to the subject of "Youth Cultivation"

DJ Spooky, Eliot Lipp, Stedy Serv With Norph - Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, February 19, 2004 , Live Performance and Chicago Jam Fest by Stedy Serv and Norph. Live P.A. set performed by Eliot Lipp. Multimedia DJ performance by DJ Spooky.

Multi-Media Electro Rap Show- Indiana University, in the Savannah Auditorium, Gary, IN, April 16, 2004 , sponsored by Minority Studies. Norph with Stedy Serv live on stage with a multimedia Rap show. Live visuals and sounds produced and performed by Norph.

Many Voices, One Vision – Redeem, Renew, Restore the Power Within - Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN, August 3, 2004, sponsored by the Indiana Coalition of Court Alcohol & Drug Services and the Indiana Association of Prevention Professionals. Youth Cultivation: The Arts as a vehicle for Education and Development uses the idea of art movements to assist in positive youth evolvement. Another Series using the full-media presentation and current discussions to focus on the educational relationships between the youth and art movements.

"Many Voices, One Vision – Redeem, Renew, Restore the Power Within” is sponsored by the Indiana Coalition of Court Alcohol & Drug Services, the Indiana Association of Prevention Professionals, the Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) Central Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (CAPT) and the Addiction Resource Network of Indiana. Conference partners include; Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Governor’s Council on Impaired & Dangerous Driving, Governor’s Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana, FSSA - Division of Mental Health and Addiction, Indiana Department of Education, Indiana Prevention Resource Center, Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation and the Indiana State Department of Health.

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